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Mobile Safety App for Employee

Introducing the Smart24x7 mobile safety app, a comprehensive solution designed to prioritize the safety of employees during their daily commutes. This innovative app not only tracks employees and vehicles during regular commuting, but also provides efficient communication channels for employees to connect with the transport management teams in case of emergencies or panic situations.

In the event of an emergency or panic situation, employees have the ability to generate panic or emergency alerts through the mobile safety app. These alerts instantly connect the employee to their loved ones or the Quick Response Team (QRT), enabling them to share their situation and receive swift assistance. Loved ones and QRT team members can listen in on the situation, ensuring that help is provided promptly and effectively.

To maintain privacy and security, the mobile safety app includes special features that allow employees and drivers to make calls to each other without revealing their personal phone numbers. This ensures that communication remains confidential and protects the privacy of both parties involved.


In addition to its emergency response capabilities, the Smart24x7 mobile safety app offers a range of other features tailored to enhance employee safety and convenience:


  • Cab Arrival Time Feature: This feature enables employees to easily track the arrival time of their designated cabs. By providing real-time information on the location and estimated arrival time of the cab, employees can plan their commute effectively and be prepared for pick-up.
  • Driver-Employee Communication: The app facilitates communication between drivers and employees through a conference bridge number. This enables drivers to contact employees when they are running late or not present at the designated pick-up points. Such seamless communication ensures efficient coordination and minimizes delays.
  • Employee Location Tracking: The mobile safety app allows drivers to track the real-time location of employees. This feature enhances safety by enabling drivers and transport management teams to monitor the whereabouts of employees during their commute, ensuring their well-being and security.

The Smart24x7 mobile safety app for employees is a comprehensive solution that prioritizes safety and provides efficient communication channels during daily commutes. 

By leveraging its panic and emergency alert system, secure calling features, cab arrival time tracking, and employee location tracking, organizations can significantly enhance the safety and well-being of their employees. With this app, employees can feel reassured and confident during their commutes, knowing that immediate assistance is just a tap away.