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Fleet Management Software System

The main function of the fleet management system is to evacuate and limit the dangers related with vehicle investment, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and reducing their general transportation and staff costs, and follow 100% government compliance and many more


Here’s what fleet management system cover:

– Track overall fleet efficiency, productivity and fuel costs
– Suggest route planning and optimization for multi-delivery routes
– Monitor and Track driver behavior
– Keep tabs on fleet maintenance and vehicle health
– Records drivers and schedule trips history


The main functions of Fleet Management Software System

Data Mapping Technology

– Real-time mapping for effective routing, retrace a vehicle’s route on a map
– Track start/stop times through visibility into driver routes and time stamps for entering or exiting a job site
– GPS information on vehicle area, speed, directional heading and road address
– Real-time mapping for powerful directing

Real-Time Alerts

– Customizable alerts powered by mobile GPS/ Smart iGPS and delivered to your smart phone
– Notifications for latency, speed limit exceeded, driver performance, arrival and departure times, and more

Mobile Apps

– On the go fleet tracking via vehicle tracking
– Software that sends comprehensive fleet tracking information to phones and iGPS devices
– Free downloads of the Smart24x7 mobile app in the Android Google Play store and Apple App Store

Fleet Activity Reporting

– Detailed reports that help you improve operations
– 24*7 tracking of your cabs, employees and drivers
– Advanced reporting tools to monitor vehicles in real time via Google Maps
– Historical data and powerful analysis tools to help manage your fleet effectively
– Driver behavior reporting to minimize fuel-wasting behaviors and ensure safe driving
– On demand reports that can be printed or downloaded as an Excel and PDF format

Why to Choose Smart24x7 Fleet Management Software System

Smart24x7 Transport Management System is an easy-to-use app-based application that provides businesses and organizations a unique and flexible way to manage, automate and consolidate their fleet processes into one integrated fleet management system. Proven to help tackle inefficiencies, streamline processes, improve performance, ensure compliance, reduce cost and mitigate risk.

Benefits of Fleet Management Software System

1. Reduce Fleet Costs

With a flexible fleet management system from Smart24x7 Fleet Solutions you will gain full visibility over all of the elements that make up your unique fleet operation. And with visibility comes control. By consolidating data into one centralized, enterprise-wide fleet programme you will be able to monitor and reduce financial investment and, as a result, better manage.

2. Lower Emissions

With stricter legislation relating to CO2 emissions being introduced each year across most of the developed world, non-compliance is a non-option. So fleet management software from Smart24x7 helps you reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint and save money in the process.

3. Increase Fleet Utilization

Ensuring your fleet is operating at its full potential is essential in order to reduce costs. However, achieving your fleet’s potential is impossible if visibility over the individual status of each fleet asset is unattainable.

Here’s how fleet software from Smart24x7 Fleet Solutions will enhance your fleet utilization and enable you to:

– Set Key Performance Indicators relevant to your fleet operation and automatically monitor and report upon progress

– Gain real-time visibility over the status of repairs, maintenance, distance travelled, fuel consumed, trip data

– Integrate with telematics software to feed trip data directly into a centralized database
4. Automate Processes

Let our transport software do the hard work. Integrating with third-party and function-specific applications, such as vehicle tracking and HR software leaves you the freedom to manage.

With a fleet program from Smart24x7, fleet managers can benefit from:

– Seamless integration with other systems and software

– Automated data reporting

– Real-time data feeds (as soon as one person updates the status of a fleet asset, the changes become available to all users)

– Intuitive alerts relating to data stored – i.e. that a vehicle is overdue a check or a driver’s license is no longer valid