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Number Masking Feature

Smart24x7 is proud to introduce its innovative feature called ‘Number Masking’ that revolutionizes communication between customers and drivers. With this feature, both parties can make calls to each other without revealing their phone numbers, ensuring privacy and security throughout the interaction. This capability enhances the overall experience for both customers and drivers, promoting a safe and seamless communication channel.

One of the key advantages of the Smart24x7 Number Masking feature is that drivers can call employees directly from the app using a conference bridge number. This proves particularly useful in situations where an employee is running late or not present at the designated pick-up point. By enabling this functionality, drivers can efficiently communicate with employees while ensuring their privacy.

The implementation of the Number Masking feature also contributes to protecting the sensitive information of customers. Phone numbers are considered personal data, and by concealing them during calls, Smart24x7 ensures that customer information remains secure and confidential. This added layer of privacy instills trust and confidence in the platform, fostering positive customer experiences.

Furthermore, the Number Masking feature plays a crucial role in decreasing untoward instances. By proactively implementing measures to prevent the harassment of customers, Smart24x7 takes a proactive stance on safety. Incidents where customers have experienced harassment due to the disclosure of their phone numbers can be effectively mitigated by utilizing the Number Masking feature. By anonymizing phone numbers, Smart24x7 creates a protective barrier that significantly reduces the potential for untoward incidents.

The Smart24x7 Number Masking feature offers a range of benefits. It enables seamless communication between customers and drivers while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. The ability for drivers to call employees through a conference bridge number enhances operational efficiency. 

By protecting sensitive customer information and actively preventing untoward incidents, Smart24x7 demonstrates its commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. 

With the implementation of the Number Masking feature, Smart24x7 continues to prioritize privacy, security, and an exceptional user experience.