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Geofencing – A Powerful Transport Management System Tool (TMS)

Our Geofencing solution offers a powerful solution that enhances the safety and security of employees. This technology creates virtual boundaries around real-world geographical areas, enabling real-time alerts to be triggered when any defined normal boundaries or processes are breached. These alerts provide immediate notifications to employees, drivers, and administrators, ensuring prompt action and maintaining proper control.


The implementation of Geofencing technologies in a transport management system brings several benefits, particularly in terms of safety and efficiency:


  • Improving Driver Safety and Awareness: Geofencing allows administrators to define safe zones and alert drivers when they enter or exit these zones. This feature promotes driver safety by ensuring they stay within designated areas and adhere to prescribed routes. Real-time alerts enable administrators to monitor driver activities and respond promptly in case of any deviations or emergencies.
  • Establishing Driver Accountability: Geofencing technology enables organizations to track driver behavior and enforce accountability. By defining geofences around specific areas or routes, administrators can accurately monitor driver compliance and performance. This helps identify any instances of non-compliance or deviations from established protocols, allowing for appropriate action to be taken.
  • Streamlining Daily Operations: Geofencing optimizes the daily operations of a transport management system by automating certain processes. For example, when a driver enters a geofenced area, the system can automatically generate alerts, notifications, or work orders, streamlining workflow and reducing the need for manual intervention. This automation improves operational efficiency and enables administrators to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Increasing Overall Company Productivity: By leveraging Geofencing technology, organizations can track and manage their workforce and assets more effectively. The real-time tracking of employees, drivers, and high-value assets such as cabs ensures that resources are deployed efficiently, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity. Additionally, by swiftly addressing any issues or deviations through geofence-triggered alerts, organizations can mitigate potential disruptions and maintain smooth operations.
  • Tracking Employee/Driver and High-Value Assets: Geofencing provides organizations with a reliable means of tracking their employees, drivers, and valuable assets. By setting up geofences around specific locations, administrators can monitor the real-time location of individuals and assets within the defined boundaries. This tracking capability enhances security, reduces the risk of theft or loss, and enables prompt response in case of any unauthorized movements or incidents.

Our Geofencing solution offers a range of benefits, including improved safety, enhanced driver accountability, streamlined operations, increased productivity, and effective tracking of employees and assets. By leveraging this technology, organizations can create a safer work environment, ensure compliance with established protocols, and optimize their overall transportation operations.