Transport >> Real Time Cab Tracking in Transit – Look at your entire fleet at a glance in a map.


Real Time Cab Tracking in Transit – Look at your entire fleet at a glance in a map.

Real-time cab tracking is a crucial aspect of modern transportation businesses. It addresses the challenges of high demands, soaring fuel costs, and a lack of visibility regarding the whereabouts of each cab or fleet at any given moment. Optimizing routes and fleet utilization is essential to thrive in the industry and deliver exceptional customer service.

With our Smart24x7-TMS (Transport Management System), real-time cab tracking becomes a powerful and indispensable feature. It offers local fleet owners an affordable solution for tracking their fleets and assets in real time. By harnessing this technology, companies gain valuable business intelligence that empowers them to identify and eliminate waste and inefficiencies in their daily operations.

One of the key benefits of our real-time cab tracking solution is the comprehensive overview it provides to clients. Through a single screen, clients can see all the cabs in transit, enabling them to monitor the entire fleet at a glance. This holistic view allows them to quickly identify any potential issues or red flags. Whether it’s a cab deviating from its assigned route, unexpected delays, or other anomalies, clients can take immediate action to address these issues and ensure smooth operations.


By tracking start/stop times and having visibility into driver routes, our solution enables clients to monitor worker performance and compliance. They can easily track the time stamps for entering or exiting job sites, ensuring that workers adhere to schedules and meet deadlines. This level of visibility enhances accountability and efficiency within the workforce.

Moreover, our real-time cab tracking solution streamlines route planning. Clients can conveniently build routes for their fleet of vehicles directly from the map interface. They can visualize the best routes, optimize driver assignments, and make informed decisions to improve overall operational efficiency.

Creating landmarks or points of interest is another valuable feature offered by our solution. Clients can mark specific locations or points of interest directly on the map, making it easier to identify critical landmarks for efficient routing and better decision-making.

Our Smart24x7-TMS real-time cab tracking solution offers numerous benefits to clients. It provides a comprehensive view of all cabs in transit on a single screen, allowing for immediate identification of any issues or red flags. 

By improving worker performance, optimizing routes, and facilitating the creation of landmarks, our solution enhances operational efficiency and enables clients to deliver exceptional customer service. With real-time visibility and actionable insights, clients can make informed decisions to drive their transportation business forward.