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Employee Transport System – ETS

At Smart24x7, we strive to provide the best employee transport solutions by offering a comprehensive suite of features that cater to your unique transportation needs. Our goal is to go above and beyond, understanding your immediate requirements and anticipating future demands.

With our transport management suite, you can trust that we have you covered from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix to address a specific transportation issue or need an end-to-end solution, our modular approach ensures that you have access to both standard capabilities and advanced functionalities that can support even the largest employee transport operations worldwide.

By implementing the Smart24x7 Employee Transportation solution, corporates can efficiently manage their complex transportation requirements, resulting in significant cost savings of at least 20%. Our backend transport infrastructure management seamlessly integrates with the Vehicle Tracking System, providing clients with a user-friendly front-end dashboard. This dashboard empowers transport and admin teams to monitor vehicle and employee movement, track real-time in-cab attendance, and monitor trip progress, among other essential functions.


Here are the key features of our employee transport system:


  1. Automatic Tracking Dashboard: Gain real-time visibility into vehicle and employee locations.
  2. Route Planning and Scheduling: Optimize routes for efficient and timely transportation.
  3. Real-Time Attendance Management: Monitor and track employee attendance accurately with multiple solutions like GPS, Bluetooth & RFID.
  4. Employee Mobile Safety App: Enhance employee safety with panic alerts and communication features.
  5. Manage Commute on Time: Ensure employees reach their destinations promptly.
  6. Flexibility in Managing Variable Requests: Accommodate and manage changes in employee transportation needs.
  7. Web Roster Scheduling: Easily create and manage employee schedules online.
  8. Parking Management System: Streamline parking processes with QR code-based access control.
  9. Fleet Management Software System: Effectively manage and maintain your fleet of vehicles.


With these salient features, Smart24x7 empowers corporates like you to efficiently manage their employee transportation needs while driving significant cost savings and enhancing operational effectiveness. 

Trust us to deliver the best solutions for your transport management and security services, always going the extra mile to meet your current and future requirements.