Disasters never come with any prior intimation. They just attack instantly, without giving any opportunity to understand what is happening. This can turn into something very unfortunate to handle. Someone can break into your house, your house may catch fire or some medical emergencies may occur. One has to be prepared in advance to fight back with these unforeseen events. Thankfully, technology has reached to the levels, where humans can expect a lot from its latest innovations. Automated solutions to turn RWAs (residents & society areas) and offices protected from such events are playing a vital role to offer a better life to the world.

Smart24x7 brings to you Smart Home Solutions for the end home users. These solutions can be very helpful for you to keep a check on safety & security of your old parents or children. With ‘Smart 24×7’ mobile app & solutions we aim to ensure managed security services for the RWA’s. We offer devices such as surveillance systems, security cameras, alarms and motion sensors which ensures an increased level of safety & protection for RWAs and commercial spaces.We are now slowly drifting from independent housing to RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations), where safety can be ensured better with improved community living and lifestyle.

How to Get the Smart24x7 – Safety App for RWA / Residentail Society

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Now integrate your house security equipment’s through Smart24x7 managed security services. Apart from Smart24x7 solutions we also help you manage your existing infrastructure. The automated and sensor determined devices are installed in your home which can ensure your safety during any danger.