Why safety app for kids has become important now-a-days

Safety for kids is the primary concern of parents particularly if both are working and have to leave their children at home with a governess or a caregiver. For school-going children, parents remain constantly worried about their kids till they return home safely. To lessen this anxiety, we have developed a safety app for children which are integrated on their cell phones. The uniqueness of our Smart24x7 safety app for kids is that it is compatible with every mobile OS, namely Android, Windows, iPhone and BlackBerry. These cell phones when integrated with our Smart24x7 safety app become a security device for kids.

Children must be taught to use these tools as and when required. This is never a trouble with Smart24x7. This free application is not only easy to install but easier to operate. Once integrated with this safety tool, a cellular phone not only is a communication device but also becomes an instrument for offering security to your child. You just to take care that the hand set mandatorily must be a featured gadget with touch-screen. Though feature phones are costlier than their ordinary counterparts, it is always wise to buy them for the safety of your kid. Kids of the present generation are smart enough to understand the importance of these safety apps and utilize them. In fact, kids of present generation can outsmart adult persons in operating any modern communication gadget.

How to Get the Smart24x7 – Kid / Child Safety App

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When they are taught the features of Smart24x7, they are too eager to learn and utilize it. This safety app for kids is offered free of cost and easy to integrate and implement. For instance, this app would allow your child to locate his or her exact position through a map. Through this map your kid is also able to locate the nearest police station, fire brigade, and hospital. Proper training of Smart24x7 app would help him in calling you, notifying police, and summoning an ambulance in times of emergency.

Smart24x7 – Safety app for kid offers several advantages to you as well as your child, namely:

  • Integration and activation of this application is absolutely FREE
  • Emergency services such as POLICE/AMBULANCE/FIRE could be contacted with just a single press of a button;
  • Locating hospitals, police stations and other emergency services on an online map
  • Automatic uploading of images and audio to police control room;
  • GPS (global positioning system) enables primary contacts to locate your child.