Smart24x7 Safety App for helping others as a social security tool

Smart24x7 offers personal safety app to every willing customer. Our Smart app is used for personal use as well as for helping others. Basic security services are offered at FREE of cost as the main objective of our Application is social protection. The exclusivity of our Smart24x7 safety app is compliant to every mobile OS in use, viz., Android, Windows, iPhone and BlackBerry.

Our Safety Application has gained lot of popularity because it’s easy to use for everybody. Even a kid can use this application at the touch of a button. Our Application allows you to locate Health units, fire stations, and police stations nearest to your location. It further enables alerts to be sent as SMS to ‘primary contact’ group. Even your primary contact members are able to locate you on maps displayed on their respective handsets. Whenever user presses panic button audio gets recorded & photographs get clicked instantly.

How to Get the Smart24x7 – Safety App Safety App for helping others

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Use Smart24x7 App – To help others

You never know when you might find someone in trouble, and the easiest way to help them is by activating our Smart24x7 Safety Application. Once activated a series of actions follow which will send an alert to POLICE/FIRE/AMBULANCE authorities depending upon service you have selected and simultaneously alert gets recorded at our Smart24x7 Call Centre. Once panic button is pressed POLICE/FIRE/AMBULANCE services can come to rescue the victim in the shortest possible time. If you have not yet integrated this safety app in your cellular device, then you are missing something vital.

Advantages of Smart24x7 App

  • Download and activate Smart24x7 safety app for FREE
  • To get POLICE/FIRE/AMBULANCE help by simply pressing a button on your cell phone
  • Auto Upload Audio & Images to Police Control room.
  • Locate Hospitals, Police & Fire Stations near you.
  • Police Control Rooms Integrated in India
  • Geofencing of Cities, RWA (Resident Welfare Association), Corporate