With the advancement in corporate sector, Global corporate culture has introduced multiple level of complexities in the lives of individuals associated. Safety & security related issues are on the top of this list. Odd working hours, late night travelling, rotational shifts and long distance traveling etc. introduce plentiful reasons to be worried about safety of individuals. To fix these fears & to enhance the standards of women safety at the workplace & out of office premises, intelligent and strong steps should be taken.

At Smart24x7, we have designed such dedicated security apps for Corporates, which can serve the purpose of advanced protection to the employees within the campus. Our smart security app for Corporates works through smartphone operating system platform. It is designed with complete integration with entire security devices. This improves the level of employee safety, instant medical support, reduction in sexual harassment & contingency related issues. Getting in touch with fire brigade, police and ambulance etc. can be possible with blink on an eye, when your office is surrounded by our smart security solutions.

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These dedicated methods developed by our Smart and technically skilled team makes it easy for corporate’s to monitor its entire functioning from a close angle.