Educational institutions are now introducing huge campus for students to enjoy high-tech education benefits. These trends have raised new challenges related to student’s safety & security. 24×7 Campus is a leading step in this arena to understand these concerns for modern age campus and other educational institutes. Increasing level of security within the premises is first stepping stone to establish higher level safety aspects. Our Smart24x7 app helps people to get connected through a strongly integrated network by sending instant notifications, communicating in emergency situations via pressing a single button on the smartphone screen and getting prompt reaction from the other.

How to Get the Smart24x7 – Student Safety App

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Smart24x7 emergency app handles following security related requirements of institutions/campuses:

  • Getting prompt medical support (First-aid, expert medical assistance or calling an Ambulance).
  • Instant access to police or administration.
  • Quick communication with fire brigade during unforeseen cases of buildings catching fire.

The app ensures that not a single second is wasted. Rather, it supports the idea of gathering right help at right place whenever required. This minimizes the chances of hap hazards in your surroundings.