Connect your loved one’s / Police / Ambulance / Fire department when you are in a emergency.

Safety Apps for personal need & security is the need of the hour. But have we ever thought why? We know that the Demographic trends in India are slowly making steady pave into urbanization. This is changing the face of the country. However, the deterrent to this ever increasing urbanization of Indian cities stems from the crime & fear of crime both of which constitutes serious threats towards the stability, sustainability & economic development.

TO overcome this we aim to offer solutions towards such activities through our dedicated social Safety Apps. These Safety Apps have been designed in such a manner that they can cater towards all the segments of our society, from individual to group like Women’s, Kids, Senior Citizen, Corporate Employees, BPOs, RWA’s, and School/College Campus, etc. The dedicated Safety App developed by our technically skilled team makes monitoring easier for its entire functioning.


Mobile Safety App For Kids

– Our ​personal safety app can help you ensure safety for your kids even in your absence or when you are away from home.

– User friendly​

Download Application today- Get it FREE.

Mobile Safety App For Senior Citizen

Our Smart24x7 Application provides 24×7 security for elders.

– 24×7 customer care support​
– Instant communication with concerned authorities /Ambulance/Police/Fire brigade

Mobile Safety App For Women

By enabling our Application on your Smart phone now make it as a 24×7 Security Cover.

– GPS & Fake Call Features
– Instant connectivity with Police & loved ones during Panic situation.

Mobile Safety App For Helping Others

Now help others by using our Application when they need help.

– 24×7 customer care support
– Instant access to Ambulance/ Fire/Police.


Mobile Safety App For Corporate Employees

Our dedicated safety and security apps for Corporate, which can serve the purpose of advanced protection to the employees.

– 24×7 customer care support
– Available for Android, Windows, i-Phone, Nokia X and BlackBerry

Mobile Safety App For BPO Employees

For BPOs to think beyond the traditional security options and think widely.

– 24×7 customer care support
– Quick communication with concerned authorities-contacts /Ambulance/Police/Fire brigade

Mobile Safety App For RWA’s

Smart 24×7 mobile app & solutions we aim to ensure managed security services for the RWA’s.

– Geofencing of RWA, Cities.
– To get Police, fire & Ambulance help by simply pressing a “Panic Button”

Mobile Safety App For College Students

24×7 Campus is a leading step in this arena to understand these concerns for modern age campus and other educational institutes.

– Instant access to Police or administration
– Getting prompt medical support