Safety app for women is an effort towards protecting them

Women are subjects of torture, harassment, and violence irrespective of their community or place of staying. Government authorities, protection forces, civic bodies and voluntary organizations all aim at protecting distressed women in their own ways. Similarly we at Smart24x7 have developed and integrated a safety app directed at protecting women.

The distinctiveness of our safety tool is that it is compliant to every mobile OS in use, viz., Android, Windows, iPhone and BlackBerry. As featured handsets currently available run on any one of these operating systems (OS), our safety app could be integrated to any ‘Smart’ cellular device. The significance of mobile phones is that they are constantly with you and could be used as effective safety gadgets. It is advisable for women to integrate Smart24x7 applications for safety and security.

How to Get the Smart24x7 – Women Safety App

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Normally there is a ‘panic’ button connected with this application which is available free of cost to subscribers. On activation of this button an alert is sent in the form of SMS and alarms to members of primary circle. One among these primary contacts gets an alert in form of an alarm. These applications also capture pictures and make recordings of surroundings for later use. It is also possible to locate your nearest hospital, police station, or fire service station and send alerts to them. Another important feature of these smartphones is their GPRS capability. This helps in locating your position on a map displayed on your screen. Locations of nearest police station and hospital are also shown. You are also able to locate primary contacts nearest to you through these maps. Similarly, primary contact members having smartphones are also able to locate you through these online maps.

These safety applications enable you to protect yourself to a considerable extent in times of need. Considering the harassment and torture women supposedly face in their daily life it is worthwhile to invest in a smartphone integrated with our Smart24x7 safety app.

Advantages of Smart24x7 App for Women

  • Smart24x7 app is available FREE
  • Fake call features – Help to get out of panic situation or unwanted meeting.
  • By pressing a single button you get access to your nearest Police Station/Ambulance Service/Fire Station
  • Auto Upload Audio & Images to Police Control room.
  • Integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) helps in identifying your closest police station, hospital, and fire service station. It also enables others to locate you on an online map