Safety app for Senior Citizen/Old Age people is a distinct possibility

Senior Citizen or Old age people are as or perhaps more vulnerable than other weaker sections of a society against threats, crimes, and violence. Murder of elderly couple for valuables is not uncommon these days. Also, death from lack of timely attention is also a cause of concern for Senior Citizen. These situations could be prevented through timely intervention and a little consideration. Smart24x7 in its own way has developed safety app for old people to answer this concerning area.

We at Smart24x7 have approached this concerning area with a safety tool available for FREE of cost. Security of the aged and the indisposed is the driving inspiration behind this effort. We with our safety tool have made mobile phones a safety device in addition to a communication and entertainment gadget. Even in the absence of a caretaker our safety app is able to offer some form of protection. With the press of one button your nearest police station could be alerted. If required you could contact the nearest hospital or ambulance by pressing a ‘panic’ key.

How to Get the Smart24x7 – Senior Citizen Safety App

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The beauty of this app is that it is compatible with Android, Windows, iPhone and BlackBerry. These open-ended apps are offered free as the chief purpose is to offer protection and that too for the elderly. Though aged people are not very conversant with using latest generation devices, they have somehow become familiar with mobile phones.

Smart24x7 safety application is easy to integrate and easier to implement. Most operations are either single touch or are completed in a couple of simple steps. Only one demonstration is enough for an aged person to understand the functionalities of these apps. These safety tools allow alerts to be sent in the form of alarms or SMS to primary circle members. Primary circle members are supposed to be closest to you. It is also possible to locate nearest hospital, police station and fire service station by GPS (Global Positioning System) tool. GPS also assist your closest primary circle member to locate your position. Police or ambulance is also able to locate your through this integrated tool which is part of Smart24x7 app.

Benefits of Smart24x7 App for Senior Citizen/Old Age people

This app is available FREE of cost.
Call centre to assist you in emergency.
Quick SMS Response to loved ones.
POLICE/AMBULANCE/FIRE could be alerted by a single operation;
Images and audio recordings are automatically uploaded to police controls;
Integrated GPS allows you to locate nearest primary circle contact, police station, hospital and fire service; it also allows others to find your location on an online map;