The hazard of fire could strike unawares and the best way of protection against it is prevention. In spite of preventive measures, fire occurs and at most times in unearthly hours. As a protection against such eventualities we have designed an App which helps you during fire emergencies and is compatible with multiple mobile platforms. This safety application when integrated to your cellular device changes it to an alarm sending instrument. An alert may be sent to your nearest fire station on the slightest indication of danger.

Benefits of Fire Safety App –

  • You can get instant help from nearest Fire Department.
  • Panic Alerts will be sent to the loved ones whenever user presses PANIC Button during emergency.
  • If GPRS is not working alert will be generated via SMS.
  • You can click photographs of incident site which auto uploads to Fire Department Control Room.
  • Help the Fire Department to access severity of crisis & category of fire which Fire Department was not able to make earlier from the phone calls.