Smart24x7 is continually engaged in offering security to our customers in every way possible. As a developer of security applications for mobile phones we feel it is our responsibility to keep our customers secured in every imaginable way. Through our continuous innovation we keep on developing and implementing security applications in every sphere imaginable. In this continuous quest we have developed a security tool for verifying servants and maids appointed by you.

Like all other applications, this also comes as a part of our Smart24x7 security tool. This tool helps you to record details of your servant/ maid related to their place of origin, their home town, number of working years, details of family, last wage drawn, and so on. These details are needed to be filled in a pre-printed form. Our app is so designed that unless this pre-printed form is complete in all respects the verification process remains incomplete.

This verification for servants and maids is essential to keep your house or office protected. At the same time it is also important that these details are maintained with secrecy such that it is not disclosed without your intervention. Our Smart24x7 maid/ servant verification tool is easy to install and even easier to operate. Once demonstrated, even a child with average knowledge of mobile applications is able to operate. As this app is indigenously developed, we provide instant support in the event of any malfunctioning.

Benefits of Smart24x7 maid/servant registration tool

  • Identity of your servants and maids are kept secret and secured;
  • Data is constantly protected;
  • Verification of maids and servants becomes convenient especially for an office or industrial set-up;
  • Installation is easy and implementation is easier.