What is this concept?

Entry of globalization trend has emerged as the turning point of Indian economy’s massive growth. Every individual’s standard of living has gone up with the help of manifold employment opportunities. But, the darker side of this speedier pace of growth is that it has given ground to the grave concerns of human safety and security. Due to lack in advancement of round the clock safety of citizens, criminal activities have turned very common. Similar is the condition of medical facilities. There is no instant medical assistance is available even during emergencies. This is the reason that major accidents go ignored, leaving people’s lives in danger.

To prevent such issues, advanced software technology based aspects are needed to be developed on effective scale. Smart24x7 emphasizes on introducing immediate help to the working individuals, while working in office or driving back to home. Focused on developing primeval measures for human security in the house and while on the move, the firm brings in automation based smart systems to improve their lives. 24×7 Ambulance is one dedicated step in this field.

The ‘24×7 Ambulance’ concept is totally based on advanced IT & automation technology. Through this method, we ensure that none of our single subscribers to this service go unattended during the medical emergencies. These emergencies can be accidents, bad health or panic attacks. During these situations, all the require doing is pressing the panic button in their mobile phone and get the ambulance informed immediately.

Why Smart24x7 Ambulance Care Services?

  • To transport critically ill patients from one hospital to another.
  • To transport critical patients from home to the hospital.
  • To transport accidental victims from the site of accident to the hospital.
  • To transport immobile patients to the hospital for regular check ups.
  • To transport any medical emergency from the work place.
  • To transport any Medical Emergency during big Events like Trade Fairs, Expos, Exhibitions, Conferences, Melas etc.
  • To transport any Medical Emergency during School Trips, Annual Functions, Sports Days etc.
  • To transport any Medical Emergency during celebrity shows, Fashion shows, New Product Launches etc.
  • To transport any Medical Emergency during the Travel Tours of Foreigners in India.

Broadly our services are required at Corporates , Schools , Shopping Malls , RWAs , institutions and at any outdoor event. Besides providing ambulance care we also set up medical rooms in schools , colleges , corporates etc. Ambulance services can be utilized based on the following options :

Option No. 1. Permanent On site standby ambulance.

Option No. 2. Ambulance on call : The equipped ambulance shall be rushed in case of emergency through our panic button installed at Homes, Corporates, and smart phones. The radio or mobile communication installed in smart24x7 network ambulances shall be available with the press of the panic or emergency button.

With our technical approach, we have introduced leading smart ‘24×7 Ambulance’ system, which can establish strong circles of medical security which provides access to ambulance during emergencies. This can help you to save your or your loved ones’ life.