With increase in crime particularly on women and school going children, it has become a serious concern for one and all. We also feel strongly about this and are continuously engaged in contemplating ways of tackling this menace. In our effort to protect women and girls in our own way we have thought of empowering mobile devices with security applications. Smart24x7 is dedicated to innovate and introduce safety app for iPhone users particularly for ladies.
Personal Safety App For Your iPhones

We have introduced Smart24x7 application especially designed to offer some form of security to ladies owning iPhones or smart phone. Many of these applications are available free of charge and at easy terms as they are mandatory in nature for the fairer sex. Personal safety app for iPhone devices are simple to install and convenient to operate. ‘Panic’ button is an alarm option which allows you to send messages to your primary contacts. Alerts could also be sent to the police, ambulance, and fire services with the touch of a button.

Benefits of safety app for iPhone

The benefits of Smart24x7 to an iPhone user could be summarised as follows:

  • Activating the ‘panic’ button would enable you to send alert signals to your ‘primary contact’ numbers.
  • Contact details of nearest police station, hospital, and fire service are shown and just need to be clicked.
  • Integrated GPRS system enables your primary contacts to locate you. Simultaneously you are also informed about our nearest primary contact.
  • Takes photographs and does voice recording after activating ‘panic’ button and transfers the same to nearest police station.
  • Ensures security of your near and dear ones around the clock on all seven days of a week. In other words, a 24×7 protection enabled by Smart application.
  • Our safety app for iPhone users are made available easily and free of cost. Professional version of Smart24x7 is available at a price.