Smart24x7 and innovation are synonymous especially when it comes to smartphones. Smartphones are not only communication and entertainment devices, but a veritable security gadget. Keeping in mind the vulnerability of ladies and school going children it is only natural that they be properly equipped against any sort of harassment. Our safety app for Android phone is an attempt of ensuring safety to women to some extent.

Benefits of safety app for Android phones

Our applications try to offer protection in more than one ways. For sending panic alerts or your whereabouts these applications could be used. Personal safety app for Android phones are designed to take care of all such imminent demands. From sending a panic message to the police or flashing an alert to your primary contacts, these tools take care of all such exigencies. Geographic location of your position is also sent out to your primary contact list. In case your GPRS application fails alerts may always be generated. GPRS app also enables you to locate a service provider coming to you rescue.

A ‘panic’ activated screen allows you to call the ‘police’, ’ambulance’, and ‘fire’ with single clicks. On activation of ‘panic’ function, you may take photographs and make voice recordings.

When in emergency always press ‘panic’, then choose service type needed, and lastly click ‘submit’ to complete your sending alert.

  • These tools are designed to ensure security and safety for our near and dear ones.
  • During emergencies a facilitation process is initiated by simple operations.
  • Personal safety app for Android phones are designed to offer safety round the clock on all seven days of a week.

How to Download Smart24x7 Applications

  • User can download the Smart24x7 Application from Google Play.
    Navigate to the app. The details will appear on the screen where you can read about the app’s features.
  • Click on it to install the Application in your Mobile Device.
  • Tap Accept & download to accept the permissions for the app (or press Back if you don’t want to download) -application will begin downloading immediately.