With rise in crime’s, anxiety, stress & violence in our day to day lives, Smart24x7 has introduced an mobile safety app that aims to bring help to users when their safety is threatened or they are in any emergency. This is a unique approach towards strengthening existing protection. Today smartphones are more than devices you can use to communicate, listen to music & surf the internet. Hence, they are capable of aiding safety for you as well as your homes. The application has been designed for Android, Windows, BlackBerry, i-Phone platform which allows you to store five contact numbers.

For Your Android Phones

Our safety app for Android phone is an attempt of ensuring your safety and security 24×7.

  • 24×7 call center assistant
  • SOS Alerts to Friends and Relatives.
  • Quick SMS Response to loved ones.

For Your iPhones

Our safety app for iPhone users are simple to install and convenient to operate.

  • 24×7 call center support
  • Integrate to Police/ Fire/Ambulance services
  • Average response time of 15 seconds

For Your Windows Phone

Smart24x7 is dedicated to protect girls, children and women by offering FREE security tools

  • Call center to assist you in emergency.
  • SOS Alerts to Friends and Relatives.
  • Get Fake Call to get out of any situation.